About us

Dear Sirs!

FAMARO Inzyniering offers machining, carbon and stainless steel welding, cast iron and alloy iron. We are trade company executing tasks for demanding customers which appreciate comprehensive assurance with machine elements.

Our activities are guided by reducing expenses connected with extended logistic departments and office workers. Why is it worth to take advantage of technical outsourcing company? Savings payments actually made services. Savings logistic expenses. Savings administrative and employment expenses. If you have mountain of work, order us a surfeit of your work. We can solve your problems.

Our services permit you to decrease supervision technological process. "FAMARO" takes over whole supervision connected with just-in-time delivery finished parts, which meet quality requirements. Thanks to our experience and knowledge you do not waste your time to search for new subcontractors, to worry about transport, to supervise technological process.

"Outsourcing enables companies to concentrate its main activities. Entrusting some processes to professional outsourcing company you can reduce your expenses."